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Flat Selection - Points to Note

  • The applicant, one of the adult family members intending to be a joint-owner and the elderly member who join the “Priority Scheme for Families with Elderly Members” must turn up for flat selection and completion of Agreement for Sale and Purchase (ASP) at the GSH Sales Unit in person.

  • The applicant should come to the office of GSH Sales Unit of the HA for registration 15 minutes before the flat selection session as scheduled.

  • Flat selection procedure

    1. To attend briefing session (bring along Flat Selection Notification and HK Identity Card); 2. To select a flat; 3. To pay deposit by cashier’s order (s) and/personal cheques; 4. To sign ASP and related documents at appointed time; 5. To collect documents
  • If the applicant is late on the appointed time slot of the designed flat selection day, his/her order of flat selection will be overtaken by another applicant with lower priority order. The applicant concerned will be arranged to select a flat at the next available time slot. Applicants are advised to plan their journey early and allow more travelling time to cater for unexpected delay.

  • Buyer should bring along with him/her cashier’s order(s) and personal cheque(s) which are made payable to “HONG KONG HOUSING AUTHORITY” for paying the deposit. The amount for paying deposit is in the sum of HK$37,000 by cashier’s order(s). If the amount of such cashier’s order is less than 5% of the purchase price, any outstanding balance should be paid by personal cheque(s) upon signing of the ASP (payment by company cheque and in cash will not be accepted).

  • Applicants who fail to keep their appointment will lose their eligibility for flat selection and their flat selection priority will be taken up by others lower in the queue.

  • If applicants or any family member who intend to become a joint-owner (including the elderly member who joined the “Priority Scheme for Families with Elderly Members”) is not able to turn up in person to complete the relevant formalities, he/she is required to obtain prior written approval from the GSH Sales Unit and sign a valid Power of Attorney at a solicitor firm to authorise a family member aged 18 or above listed on the GSH application form to complete the purchase on his/her behalf. If the applicant is the only person listed in the application form, he/she may authorise another relative to complete the purchase on his/her behalf, provided the authorised person is aged 18 or above and is holding a valid Power of Attorney.

  • Since Flat Selection Notification is sent out before the flat selection date, the HA and the HD do not guarantee that flats will be available for selection by the time the applicants show up at the appointed time. If the allocated quotas/flats for their application category have been exhausted/sold out, the flat selection appointment arranged for them will be withheld. Please pay attention to the latest sale status.

  • PDF Format Flat Selection Arrangements When the Tropical Cyclone / Black Rainstorm Warning Signal is Issued (File removed 16/6/2023)

  • PDF Format List of Approved Banks / Financial Institutions for Providing Mortgage Loan

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