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HA celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2023, a key milestone of the public housing development in Hong Kong. As we forge ahead, the HA organises a series of celebratory activities under the theme of "Carving for the Future". "Carving" symbolises the HA's persistent efforts over the years to partner with stakeholders from all walks of life to build a better home for Hong Kong residents. "Future" signifies the HA's unswerving commitment to lead the development of subsidised housing for overcoming the challenges ahead.


The winning entries of the HA’s 50th Anniversary Photo Contest are now on a touring exhibition in various estate shopping centers (20.2.2024)
The schedule has been uploaded to the website. Visitors are welcome.

Housing Authority's 50th Anniversary Ceremony (28.12.2023)
The 50th anniversary ceremony of the Housing Authority took place at Domain, the HA's flagship shopping mall, on 12 December 2023.

Housing Authority's 50th Anniversary Photo Contest Results Announcement (27.10.2023)
The Panel of judges has selected the champion, 1st runner-up, 2nd runner-up and merit winners for the three categories.

Evolution of Public Housing in Hong Kong 一 Dialogue with the New Generation (24.10.2023)
Dialogue between keynote speakers and young professionals can be reviewed in the "Video Highlights".

Evolution of Public Housing in Hong Kong 一 Dialogue with the New Generation (27.09.2023)
Successfully held on 18 September 2023 at Youth Square, the forum speakers engaged young professionals to explore the future development of public housing.

"HA Cup" 3x3 Basketball Challenge (30.08.2023)
The "HA Cup" 3x3 Basketball Challenge was successfully held on 19-20 August 2023 at the basketball court of Shek Huan House, Shek Lei (2) Estate, Kwai Chung.

Submissions for Housing Authority's 50th Anniversary Photo Contest concluded on 6 August 2023 (08.08.2023)
The results will be announced on the competition webpage in September and the winners will be individually notified.

"HA Cup 3x3" Basketball Challenge (07.08.2023)
By organizing the "HA Cup" 3x3 basketball challenge, we aim to showcase the vitality and determination of the younger generation while fostering a sense of belonging to the housing estate among them.

Housing Authority's 50th Anniversary Photo Contest (27.06.2023)
The Photo Contest encourages the participants to capture the aesthetic beauty, harmonious and comfortable living environment, and public housing vistas through light and shade while sharing happiness of life in public housing.

“Blueprint x Footprint” Treasure Hunt (08.06.2023)
The “Blueprint x Footprint”self-guided tour of the housing estates takes you on a journey through different architectural landmarks, exploring their unique charm in architectural aesthetics, artistic life, and natural beauty.

HA Proudly Presents “The Housing Authority: 50 Years of Building Homes” Video (26.05.2023)
The Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) has partnered with Radio Television Hong Kong to produce a short video celebrating its 50th anniversary. The video showcases the daily life of a public housing family through dynamic visuals and lively music, portraying a day full of vitality, energy and warmth. This embodies our proactive approach in housing policies, housing development, and estate management, to create a harmonious and stable living environment for our residents.

Parade of Other HA 50th Anniversary Celebratory Activities